From the makers of INJUSTICE comes Ultraviolence (BFI Film Festival 2020)

Ken Fero
Ken Fero : Migrant Media

source: British Film Institute
published: September 2020

15 years after Ken Fero’s ground-breaking film Injustice, which examined deaths in police custody, comes a compelling follow-up that feels as timely as ever.

Since 1969, there have been over 2000 deaths in police custody in the UK. It is a frightening statistic that Ken Fero approaches with seasoned conviction.

Ultraviolence employs unflinching archival footage to document the tragic and undignified deaths that took place between 1995 and 2005.

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Campaigners alarmed at College of Policing’s ‘Protection after police contact deaths’ policy

police riot shieldsource: Naphtali & Associates
published: 14 September 2020

Families of custody death victims and campaign groups have raised serious concerns about the College of Policing’s recent announcement of a new ‘Protection after police contact deaths’ policy in conjunction with the Police Federation.

In a statement on the Police Federation website they said; “Officers involved in deaths or serious injuries will be given protection in College of Policing policy – akin to colleagues who carry firearms. Today (July 6) the College has launched a Death or Serious Injury Authorised Professional Practice (DSI APP) policy.”

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Filmmaker Ken Fero: ‘There are serious problems here in terms of deaths in police custody’

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source: News
published:  29 August 2020

The Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted concerns about police violence – not just in the United States but here too.

Almost 20 years ago Ken Fero’s film, ‘Injustice’ documented deaths in police custody during the 1990s. Campaigners have petitioned for it to be shown on Channel 4 – but now it will screen at the British Film Institute in London.

We sat down with Ken Fero and Samantha Patterson – who appeared in his later film Po Po, about the death of her brother Jason McPherson in 2007.

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