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The People’s Tribunal on Police Killings

The People’s Tribunal on Police Killings welcomes the support of Black Lives Matter UK. The Tribunal is an initiative of the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC), Migrant Media and 4WardEverUK.

We are proud to welcome BLMUK as active partners in the Tribunal. Campaigns of families whose loved ones have died in custody, welcome the continuing support of BLM UK. They have consistently helped to promote UFFC and support our struggles for justice over the years.

UFFC was set up in 1997 by families who had lost loved ones at the hands of the state to challenge the injustice in the system. It began as a network of black families because disproportionate numbers of black people were dying in police custody.

It supports families of the victims of all custodial deaths at the hands of police officers, prison officers or in secure medical units.

Divider Bar - GrayThe People’s Tribunal is designed to take forward the heritage of struggle in a way that radically challenges the status quo.

We are particularly concerned that the crimes of murder and manslaughter committed by state agents have gone unpunished.

We will establish in the UK context:

  • The failure of State officials to ensure the basic right to life is made worse by the failure of the State to successfully prosecute those responsible for custody deaths
  • The failure to successfully prosecute those responsible for deaths in custody sends a message that the State can act with impunity

The Tribunal will hear evidence regarding the above from families and other relevant parties. This will be presented to an international panel in a public forum. The panels decisions will then be implemented with the support of international bodies.

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The UFFC demands that:

    • Prison deaths be subject to a system of properly funded investigation that is completely independent of the Prison Service;
    • Officers involved in custody deaths be suspended until investigations are completed;
    • Prosecutions should automatically follow ‘unlawful killing’ verdicts;
    • Police forces be made accountable to the communities they serve;
    • Legal Aid and full disclosure of information is available to the relatives of victims;
    • Officers responsible for deaths should face criminal charges, even if retired.