UFFC Legacy Fund

Children and young people at protest rally
Children and young people at a protest rally

The Legacy Fund is a new funding stream that will be administered by the National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) on behalf of the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) and Migrant Media.

UFFC is a coalition of those affected by deaths in police, prison and psychiatric custody, and supports others in similar situations. Established in 1997 initially as a network of black families, over recent years the group has expanded and now includes the families and friends of people from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

About the UFFC Legacy Fund

In July 2020 UFFC had successfully raised £39,140 from over 900 supporters through a Crowdfunder appeal for £30,000. The appeal focussed on the need to support UFFC’s campaigning work highlighting deaths in custody cases, and to help families of victims organise and work collectively. £9,140 (which was the excess of the appeal), has been distributed to support families including through the Gift Fund facilitated by NMPMFF.

In October 2021 it was unanimously agreed by UFFC’s interim steering group that the remaining funds (£30,000) should be earmarked for the child dependents of custody victims and their families. Grants will be ongoing in the form of an open call through UFFC and Migrant Media.

How it works

Important: Legacy Fund callouts will generally coincide with any active rounds of the Family Fund until such times as the resources allocated are depleted. Download Application form here >

Note: Please submit completed applications to uffclegacy@gmail.com

Grants will be awarded to children of death in custody/police killing victims, who are at a point where the funds awarded will make a material difference to their wellbeing and/or development.

Grants will generally be a maximum of £300 per dependent. Some grants awarded may be less (or more) than this amount at the discretion of UFFC.

Grant recipients will not be required to submit formal feedback, however, UFFC may request some ‘soft’ feedback on how the fund helped them.

Funds can be available from the UFFC Legacy Fund for a range of needs including (but not exclusively) the following:

  • Contributions towards further education or training
  • Help with developing small enterprise ideas
  • A special event, e.g. 18th birthday, gap year travels
  • Support with keep fit, art or driving lessons etc
  • Contributions to a special treat (visit to theme park etc)

Grants for any such or other reasons will be considered at the sole discretion of UFFC.

Download Application form here >

View or download the full guidance here >

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