UFFC Gift Fund

Xmas Decorations

The National Memorial Family Fund is also administering the United Families & Friends Campaigns Children’s Christmas Gift Fund as part of its second grants round. UFFC have set aside up to £2,800 to be distributed to applicants that meet the criteria set out below.


Important Note: This fund will make a £50 Christmas payment to any affected child whose parent or carer was a victim of state custody death. The funds must be used for the direct benefit or enjoyment of that child over the Christmas & new year period.

All enquiries should go to UFFC in the first instance and not the National Family Fund.

The only conditions that apply are that:

  1. The child must be under 16 years of age
  2. A parent or carer of the child has died in state custody
  3. Families that received Family Fund or Gift Fund awards in round one (ended in Sept 2020) are not generally eligible for this scheme
  4. Interested families should first complete the UFFC expression of interest form (see below)

The completed form will be sent to contactuffc@gmail.com
We have a handful of volunteers so responses may be delayed.

The UFFC Children’s Christmas Gift Fund expression of interest form:

Your confidentiality is assured at all times. your email will be used for no other reason than to convey messages between you and the family, or mutual exchange where agreed by all parties.

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