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We need our members and supporters to help us identify outstanding individuals to join our trustee board to assist UFFC transform the way we work and make the biggest difference we can to affected families.

The United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC), is a coalition of those affected by deaths in police, prison and psychiatric custody, supports others in similar situations. Established in 1997 initially as a network of black families, over recent years the group has expanded and now includes the families and friends of people from varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds. (See legal status page)

Who we are looking for?

Good governance is a crucial ingredient to effective, impactful organisations, and that includes boards whose trustees have different backgrounds and experiences.

As part of our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, UFFC wants to strengthen the board to better reflect the diversity of our society and those that we represent and support. We will do this by seeking to elect trustees who bring different backgrounds, perspectives and lived experience, as well as a range of particular skills.

We are particularly interested in individuals with experience of organisational leadership and management, and those with a range of other skills including good governance/policies, marketing, managing funding programmes, strategic development and others.

Is this you, or do you know someone who fits the criteria and would make an outstanding trustee for UFFC? Nominations will close on 11 October 2021.

Who can nominate a candidate?

A member of UFFC can put forward one or more nominations to the trustee board. The nominee does not have to be a current member. (Important: Please read the ‘UFFC Guidance on Nomination to the Trustee Board’)

Next steps for nomination
1. Read the role description and person specification for trustee board members:

Get the all AGM Nomination/related documents in a Zipped file >  :  Or here >

2. If you want to nominate someone, fill in parts one & two of the nomination form:

AGM Nomination Form (completion & submission)

  1. Download the UFFC AGM Nomination Form
  2. The person you nominate does not need to be a current member of UFFC
  3. Send the form to the person you’ve nominated so that they can fill out their sections (parts three onwards).
  4. Email the completed form to contactuffc@gmail.com

All nominations for the trustee board will be considered by UFFC’s Steering Group meeting where decisions will be made on which candidates will be put forward to the membership at the annual general meeting (AGM).

UFFC Annual General Meeting

The UFFC AGM will take place in October or November (to be confirmed) where we will take votes on nominees and announce the election results.

Supporting Documents

These supplementary documents will help you to understand the processes of an AGM and that of identifying the most appropriate Trustees: