Legal Status

Document FilesWhat We Are:

UFFC is Constituted as an Unincorporated Association. (sometimes referred to as an unregistered charity). An unincorporated association is a membership organisation. It can be whatever its members want it to be, and carry out whatever activity the members choose.

Our mission is to work collaboratively as a network of independent campaigns to address common issues and concerns related to deaths and abuse in police, penal, mental health and immigration detention; and to organise events and activities that promote awareness and support for affected families across the UK. See Constitution here.

UFFC currently have established an effective interim steering group.
They include the families of:

Christopher Alder, Ibrahim Sey, Joy Gardner, Roger Sylvester
Seni Lewis, Adrian McDonald, Darren Cumberbatch, Rashan Charles
Sean Rigg, Jack Susianta, Sheku Bayoh, Mikey Powell, Paul Coker and Cameron Whelan

Following a planned Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the charity in 2021, UFFC shall be managed by a management committee who are to be elected and appointed at the AGM.

Consultation & Strategy

UFFC’s broad plan is to make funds available to member campaigns if they have solid and well-managed proposals for awareness raising/fundraising events or initiative ideas that would benefit UFFC members as a whole.

The interim steering group has commenced a national online survey of families to both inform of their plans and consult on what priorities should be agreed. They have also started the process of calling a formal annual general meeting in 2021 to democratically elect a representative management committee.

The group have put in place draft policies & procedures which include equal opportunities, code of conduct, grievance procedure and a financial management policy. These and others will be formally ratified at the 2021 AGM.

Finally, the interim steering group have also committed to not allocating any of the financial resources that UFFC hold (excluding the Family Gift Fund) until the full national survey/consultation has been completed, and the formal annual general meeting has taken place in 2021.

Resources & Assets

UFFC has entered into a formal management pro bono agreement with 4WardEver.UK in relation to the management of its resources (both financial and digital) with input (as set out in a Memorandum of Agreement) from nominated representatives of UFFC.

In the main, the Memorandum of Agreement sets out that:

  1. 4WardEver.UK will provide structural and management support for the UFFC’s financial resources that are held on their behalf
  2. 4WardEver.UK will provide assistance developing and maintaining online donation and/or communications systems and others as subject to agreement
  3. 4WardEver.UK will provide assistance developing and maintaining UFFC’s online presence including its website, social media and others as subject to agreement
  4. All parties will ensure effective communications to ensure accountability and transparency
  5. All parties will meet as appropriate to oversee critical managerial and strategic matters

Under the agreement 4WardEver.UK also commits to:

  • Being the accountable body for the purposes of receiving donations and/or grant funding and others as necessary, but not including contractual undertakings such as managing volunteers or employment of staff
  • Administering payments for UFFC’s contractual obligations, agreed grants to family campaigns/individuals and others that are deemed appropriate by nominated UFFC representatives
  • Holding and managing UFFC’s funds in a diligent and responsible manner, ensuring that all controls and accounting practices are in place, and that UFFC has unlimited access to financial records
  • To provide assistance developing and maintaining online donation and/or communications systems and others as subject to agreement. This will include UFFC’s website, social media and other online resources as also subject to agreement

Further updates to follow ..