Migrant Media to produce radical new documentary on the Bradford 12

The Bradford 12
Image Credit ©Ishaq Kazi

source: Migrant Media
published:  5 September 2022

Migrant Media are pleased to announce that they are going into production on a radical feature length documentary about the seminal case of the Bradford 12, supported by the BFI Doc Society Fund (awarding National Lottery funding).

In 1981 twelve young Asian men were arrested and charged with terrorism for defending Bradford from an imminent racist skinhead attack. Following national and international protests in support of the defendants, and a tense lengthy trial, they were acquitted establishing the precedent of the right of organised self-defence for the first time in the UK. This is their story.

At the time Bradford was tense with police inspired rumours of an imminent invasion by coach loads of racist skinheads. The United Black Youth League called for an organised defence of Bradford and prepared themselves, along with others from the community.

Twelve men were arrested in a case that became known as The Bradford 12. The defendants were imprisoned on Conspiracy and Terrorism charges, facing life behind bars. The police said they were terrorists. The community rebutted, “They are our sons.”

The documentary will be a journey through the case, from the victories against the old racism and fascism of the 80’s, to the resistance against the new racism of Islamophobia of the present.

We will see how the Asian Youth Movements and United Black Youth League were actively engaged in showing solidarity with the dead of the New Cross Massacre; of protesting against racist murders in Southall and East London and organising community self-defence of Brick Lane. They actively supported anti-colonial struggles internationally, especially in Palestine and Ireland.

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