Lynette White murder: Cardiff Five are victims, chief says

Lynette White
Lynette White

published: 9th March 2009
source:  BBC News

Members of the so-called “Cardiff Five” should be “recognised as victims”, a senior police officer has said. John Actie, Ronnie Actie, Stephen Miller, Tony Paris and Yusef Abdullahi spent time in prison after being falsely accused of murdering 20-year-old Lynette White in Cardiff in 1988.

Former Chief Constable of South Wales Police [Forece] Matt Jukes said he was “sorry for the effect on their lives”. He was speaking on a BBC documentary about the case, A Killing In Tiger Bay.

It has been described as as one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in UK legal history. One of the three surviving members of the Cardiff Five, John Actie, thanked Mr Jukes for speaking “brilliantly and truthfully” and said they were “the words we wanted to hear years ago”.

Speaking as the chief constable of South Wales, before moving to become an Assistant Commissioner in London, Mr Jukes said there was an “enormous responsibility of transparency” over the case.

“I joined the police force in the mid-90s, so it was after a series of miscarriages of justice, of which this case was one. I have to recognise that the Cardiff three and the five originally arrested as victims.

“It’s a time for listening but also a time for acting, a time for the whole of the public sector and the whole of wider society to recognise that racism is still very real in our communities.

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