Sister of Christopher Alder says she still has nightmares over brother’s death in custody

Janet Alder protests in tears
Image Credit : Peter Marshall

source: Yorkshire Post
published: 28 November 2020

Falklands veteran Christopher Alder died in April 1998 after he was arrested for breaching the peace following a fracas outside a nightclub in which he was punched and taken to hospital.

CCTV showed officers drag the father-of-two’s motionless body into the custody suite where he was left handcuffed, gasping for breath, for 11 minutes before dying. No attempts were made to seek medical help, despite one officer expressing concerns about asphyxiation.

Audio footage from several officers that stood around the paratrooper as he lay in his final moments, recorded what is widely regarded to be monkey noises and racist slurs.

In a further cruel turn of fate, the wrong body was released from the morgue when it came to Mr Alder being laid to rest two years later, and the body of Grace Kamara – a Nigerian lady in her seventies – was instead buried in his place.

Christopher’s family did not find out they had been mourning the wrong body until 11 years later, and the body of Ms Kamara had to be exhumed. He was finally buried the following year – 14 years after his death.

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