RAAH Fest 2020: ‘Stronger together than divided’ supports the National Family Fund

Mikey Powell Campaigners at annual rally
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source: RAAH.Fest
published: September 2020

So what is RAAH.Fest? It is a charity music festival to amplify the voices of young people affected by migration displacement, human trafficking and racial discrimination.

​RAAH. Fest is 100% run by volunteers and supports people and charities in the youth sector.

This year the National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund is amongst the 20 charities selected to benefit from the funds that are raised this year.

Where are all the donations going?

“No one should feel like they don’t belong, which is why RAAH. Fest supports some pretty amazing charities. These charities are dedicated to putting an end to human trafficking and racial discrimination and the negative impacts of migration displacement.

“We are dedicated to making every penny count!

“Funds raised by RAAH. Fest will go towards helping our selected charities, providing grants for individuals/grassroots projects and ensuring RAAH. can continue to do good.” Learn more here >

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RAAH Fest Fund is a restricted fund operating under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, Registered Charity Number: 1099682.

Important & Useful References:

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