Campaigners alarmed at College of Policing’s ‘Protection after police contact deaths’ policy

police riot shieldsource: Naphtali & Associates
published: 14 September 2020

Families of custody death victims and campaign groups have raised serious concerns about the College of Policing’s recent announcement of a new ‘Protection after police contact deaths’ policy in conjunction with the Police Federation.

In a statement on the Police Federation website they said; “Officers involved in deaths or serious injuries will be given protection in College of Policing policy – akin to colleagues who carry firearms. Today (July 6) the College has launched a Death or Serious Injury Authorised Professional Practice (DSI APP) policy.”

Police Federation of England and Wales’ Post Incident Procedure Lead Steve Hartshorn, said; “There has been a deaths or serious injury policy in place for firearms for many years which has been tested through the courts and has set a standard that protects officers and assists with the provision of best evidence.

“I am pleased to say this new policy from the College of Policing will afford those same protections to all our officers and staff.”

Some of what families and campaign groups have said:

Debbie Whelan (Justice for Cameron Whelan)
“Slipped that one in under the radar didn’t they, it’s a shame they don’t afford the same to the families of the people they kill.”

Lisa Cole (Justice For Marc Cole & Adrian McDonald)
“Absolutely vile. Look at the wording, When they should be in prison they get ‘welfare support packages’ instead. It absolutely boils my blood! You’ve got a coppers wife pushing for Harper’s law when those kids who killed him are already in prison, as if police are somehow more deserving of life than our children. I can’t even read it properly I’m so angry!”

Tippa Naphtali (4WardEverUK & The Friends of Mikey Powell)
“Yes. Saw a summary of this recently. It requires a coordinated and unified response which I’m investigating over coming weeks. A disgrace!!! Fly’s in the face of the Dame Elish Angiolini’s report a few years back.”

Tippa Naphtali (representing 4WardEverUK, The National memorial Fund and The United Families & Friends Campaign) has formally approached the charity INQUEST to clarify what actions can be taken to respond to this unsavoury development.

Further news to follow!