Filmmaker Ken Fero: ‘There are serious problems here in terms of deaths in police custody’

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published:  29 August 2020

The Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted concerns about police violence – not just in the United States but here too.

Almost 20 years ago Ken Fero’s film, ‘Injustice’ documented deaths in police custody during the 1990s. Campaigners have petitioned for it to be shown on Channel 4 – but now it will screen at the British Film Institute in London.

We sat down with Ken Fero and Samantha Patterson – who appeared in his later film Po Po, about the death of her brother Jason McPherson in 2007.

We asked the Metropolitan Police for a response on police violence and they said while the organisation had come a long way since 1999, they appreciate that some concerns remain. The force said they would continue to work with Londoners to find a way to police the city that saves lives, while retaining the confidence of communities.

The Home Office was unavailable for comment

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Ken Fero : Filmmaker:

Filmmaker Ken Fero, is the director of numerous documentaries including the multi-award-winning Injustice. The film chronicles the fight for justice of seven families whose members died in police custody. None of the police officers involved in these killings have been prosecuted or disciplined.