National Mikey Powell Family Fund announce 1st funding round

National Memorial Family Fund Round 1source: 4WardEverUK
published: 14 June 2020

We are extremely pleased to announce that after 5 years of fundraising, the first ever National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF) round will open for grant applications from 7 July 2020.

Important: Affected families and/or campaigns will need to be registered on the NMPMFF website before applying for grants from the fund – various partners are available to assist with applications.

The first round opens on 7 July and will close on 7 September 2020 (the 17th anniversary of the death of Mikey Powell) or when all funds set aside for this round have been allocated.

The NMPMFF have set aside £10,000 to be distributed to applicants that meet the criteria for grants. However, in addition to the current conditions of grant, affected families can also apply for general cash support if they have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be considered even if those families do not have an active campaign which is ongoing!

What applicants need to do?

It is important that applicants follow the advice below in the order of appearance below, to ensure that they are both eligible and ready to submit an application:

  1. Carefully read and understand the conditions of grant Q&A –
  2. Contact one of our Assessment Partners in your region or who you may already have links to – (we strongly advise applications via our partners) *
  3. Either with the assistance of an Assessment Partner or by completing yourself,* you must register with the NMPMFF to be eligible to apply to the fund –
  4. Wait until 7th July before applying – Unfortunately, applications received prior to the opening date will be held over until the next funding round. So it is very important that the opening date is observed!
  5. Applicants can submit through an Assessment Partner or complete the application online – (Remember, you must register your family/campaign to be eligible)

Please direct any enquiries to Jaki Miller or Tippa Naphtali at
Important Note: We are volunteers so responses may sometimes be delayed!

About National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund

Campaigning news collective, 4WardEverUK, launched the new website in April 2019 to raise both awareness and funds for an initiative inspired by Mikey Powell, who died in police custody on 7th September 2003.

The fund is the first permanent national resource of its kind specifically for those that are affected by deaths in custody. We will make small grants available for families and their campaign groups across the UK to provide practical domestic assistance, to further the work of their own campaigns or to assist them in engaging in a range of other local, regional or national campaigns, events and initiatives.

Mikey’s cousin, Tippa Naphtali said;

“This fund has the potential to make a real difference for families and their campaign groups that need financial support during the often long and drawn out struggles for justice that can last for decades.

“The needs of affected families and children can often get lost in the equally important work of campaigning and lobbying of state institutions. We want to change that with a permanent national support fund set up specifically for their needs.“

See the Family Fund Q&A  :  REGISTER NOW!