Mark Duggan shooting report challenged by human rights groups

Carole Duggan & Nephew, Mark Duggan
Carole Duggan & Nephew, Mark Duggan

originally by: The Guardian
published: 5 December 2019

The official report into the police shooting of a man whose death sparked the 2011 riots is facing a new challenge from human rights investigators who say a virtual model of the shooting shows its main conclusion is wrong.

The shooting of Mark Duggan, 29, in Tottenham, north London, in August 2011, triggered the biggest riots in modern English history.

An investigation by the police watchdog found he was most likely shot while holding a gun that he was probably “in the process of throwing” away.

An illegal firearm was found over a fence and 14 feet (4.35 metres) from where Duggan fell. None of the police officers surrounding him saw it flying through the air. Now work by Forensic Architecture, a London-based research organisation that uses modern technology to search urban areas for evidence, claims it was unlikely that Duggan was holding a gun when he came face to face with police.

They used the official accounts from officers and official records to recreate a virtual model of the scene. They say it allows people to experience what each officer could have seen throughout the incident, and their fields of vision.

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