Film – Justice for Joy : Who has the Windrush scandal ignored?

Joy Gardner
Joy Gardner

originally by: Channel 4
published: September 2019

Channel 4 Television presents special documentaries – from 1995 – examining the death of Joy Gardner in 1993 and the subsequent public campaign that culminated in the trial at the Old Bailey of those accused of causing her death.

Joy Gardner’s death in 1993, forensically detailed in Justice for Joy, caused public outcry. In one of the films author Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff asks Joy’s daughter Lisa “Who has the current Windrush scandal ignored?”

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4WardEverUK Case Profile for Joy Gardner

Graeme Burke was five when his mother died after police bound her head with tape. Now he and his grandmother want justice. It was early morning when five men and women burst into 5-year-old Graeme Burke’s home.

They cornered and grabbed his mother, crashing through the furniture, forcing her face down on to the floor. They sat on her body, they bound her hands to her side with a leather belt and manacles, they strapped her legs together and wound yards of surgical tape round her head. At some stage, one officer took the boy into another room – but he could still hear his mother’s cries. He never saw her alive again.

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