Family of Sheku Bayoh to lodge complaint and demand for inquiry

Justice 4 Sheku Bayoh @ UFFC Rally London 2018
Justice 4 Sheku Bayoh @ UFFC London 2018

source: CommonSpace
published: 3 May 2019

“We know racism played a big part in our brother’s death and has played a role in denying us justice,” said the sister of Bayoh, on the fourth anniversary of his death in police custody.

  • Sheku Bayoh died while being restrained by police using batons, CS gas, pepper spray and restraints on his legs and arms
  • Family first demanded a public inquiry in 2018 after the Lord Advocate decided not to prosecute any of the officers involved
  • Both the family of Bayoh and their lawyer Aamer Anwar have argued that racism was a factor in Bayoh’s death, and that dishonest attempts have subsequently been made by police sources to smear his reputation

The family of Sheku Bayoh, the Kirkcaldy father-of-two who died in 2015 after being physically restrained by police, have again called on justice secretary Humza Yousaf to launch a public inquiry on the fourth anniversary of his death.

The family’s lawyer and human rights advocate Aamer Anwar has also announced that they will be lodging a formal criminal complaint with the Chief Constable of Police Scotland this afternoon, calling for an investigation into evidence presented at the Court of Session regarding Bayoh’s death and a consideration of whether perjury has been committed by the ex-police officers involved.

Bayoh, a trainee gas engineer, died while being restrained by the officers on the morning of 3 May, 2015 in Kirkcaldy, Fife, after police use of batons, CS gas, pepper spray and restraints of his legs and arms following his arrest.

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