Sheku Bayoh: Fresh questions over death in police custody

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source: BBC News
published: 17 December 2018

New evidence uncovered by BBC Scotland has raised fresh questions about the way police officers treated a man who died in their custody. Fife father-of-two Sheku Bayoh, 31, died in 2015 after being restrained by police in Kirkcaldy.

CCTV, other footage and documents obtained by the BBC casts doubt on some of the officers’ accounts of the events that led to the death. Police Scotland said they could not comment while the case was ongoing.

A BBC Disclosure programme screened on Monday night featured:

  • Evidence the first officers on scene escalated the situation instead of trying to defuse it
  • CCTV footage which questions officers’ claims a female officer was kicked and stamped on by Mr Bayoh
  • Evidence that Mr Bayoh’s actions were exaggerated in official police documents
  • Claims that racism may have played a role in the events

In October, Mr Bayoh’s family were told by the Lord Advocate there was not enough evidence to prosecute any of the officers involved. The Crown Office has not confirmed the decision publicly, and says the case remains open.

Mr Bayoh’s family are likely to ask for the decision to be reviewed but are now calling for a full public inquiry.

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