IAP analysis on deaths in custody to March 2018

Office Files Bindersource: The IAP
published: 26 April 2018

The Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody has published statistical report into deaths in custody – covering the period to March 2018.

The report also gives information about incidents of self-harm and assaults in prison.

The IAP Panel has a commitment to publishing a statistical analysis of all deaths in state custody for each calendar year as data becomes available.

Safety in custody statistics cover deaths, self-harm and assaults in prison custody and HMPPS Immigration Removal Centres in England and Wales, with figures in quarterly summary tables presented on a 12-month rolling basis over an 11-year time series.

Supplementary annual tables, providing more in-depth statistics on a calendar year basis, underlying data files with pivot tables providing lower level granularity, and a guidance technical document are also available alongside this
bulletin, at www.gov.uk/government/collections/safety-in-custody-statistics

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