Families march for justice after deaths in police [and other] custody

UFFC Annual Rally 2017
Image Credit : Khushbu Hussain

source: Socialist Worker
published: 28 October 2017

The annual United Families and Friends Campaign (UFFC) held its annual march in central London on Saturday [28 October 2017].

The event, which commemorates the victims of police and state violence, saw 200 people march from Trafalgar Square to 10 Downing Street. It comes after a summer which saw several men—including Rashan Charles, Edson DaCosta and Darren Cumberbatch die after contact with the police.

Every year new families join people who have been fighting for decades.

Kadisha Brown-Burrell, the sister of Kingsley Burrell, spoke to Socialist Worker about the recent court case which saw three cops found inncocent of perjury charges in relation to evidence they gave to an inquest into Kingsley’s death.

“We’ve been told the officers have been reinstated on restricted duties,” she said. “It’s like nothing ever happened. Twenty witnesses gave evidence to the inquest, the majority said they saw a covering on Kingsley’s head. The police said they saw nothing.”

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