Families of people who died in police custody failed by system – report

Bereaved Families @ UFFC Rally London 2017
Bereaved Families @ UFFC Rally London 2017 – Image credit Khushbu Hussain

source: The Guardian
published: 4 September 2017

A long-awaited unpublished official report into deaths in police custody says families who have lost loved ones have been failed by the system and recommends far-reaching reforms to the police, justice system and health service, the Guardian has learned.

The report, ordered by Theresa May in 2015 while she was home secretary, is yet to be published, prompting warnings from some groups that the government delay risks damaging public confidence.

The report by Dame Elish Angiolini QC will say there should be a ban on those detained under mental health powers being held in police cells, and being transported in police vehicles, except in exceptional cases.

It will also say that holding those believed to be suffering from mental health issues in police cells should be phased out completely.

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