UFFC 4WardEverUK among beneficiaries of Edge Fund Grants

Edge Fund Funding Round 5 - 2015
Image Credit : http://www.edgefund.org.uk

source: The Edge Fund
published: 3 February 2016

We are pleased to announce that the United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) and 4WardEver UK were among the many beneficiaries of the Edge Fund Round 5 Grants. See the full listing here >

The Edge Fund have awarded £1,000 to UFFC and £1,500 to 4WardEver for a series of events for young people affected by custody deaths and the Red Alert online support desk to upgrade its facilities.

UFFC, 4WardEver UK and other collaborators are planning two events (London and Birmingham). The events will give a rare platform to young people who have lost relatives in custody to speak about their experiences, and put forward recommendations to the campaigning community for services / support needed by children and young people.

For a summary of the Edge Fund final funding day, you can read their blog here.

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