IAP analysis on deaths in custody 2000-2014

Borstal young offender prison cellsource: The IAP
published: December 2015

The Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody has published the fifth statistical report into deaths in custody – covering the period 2000-2014.

The IAP Panel has a commitment to publishing a statistical analysis of all deaths in state custody for each calendar year as data becomes available.  As previously, the report shows a breakdown of all recorded deaths in state custody and contains information on the following:

  • Deaths in state custody by setting;
  • Deaths in prison and YOI by gender;
  • Deaths in Prison and YOI settings by ethnicity;
  • Deaths of patients detained under the Mental Health Act;
  • Natural cause-related deaths across custodial sectors;
  • Restraint-related deaths across all custodial sectors;
  • Deaths cause by other (including homicide);
  • Deaths in custody by gender and ethnicity breakdown for 2014;
  • Self-inflicted deaths by custodial setting & broken down by gender and age groups.

There are no restrictions on its circulation so please feel free to share it with any parties who may be interested.

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