Crowds at UFFC demo echo demand for justice

UFFC 14th Demo 2012 - Together as one against injusticesource: RT.Com
published: 1 November 2015

Crowds at UFFC London demo echo demand for justice.

Thousands of people have died, and continue to die, when coming into contact with the police, while the law enforcers responsible are continually shielded from facing justice without being held to account. They avoid jail, and they know they will.

This creates a perpetually worsening cycle, which needs to be broken. The only way this can happen is if police officers face justice like everyone else.

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From negligence to murder, across the spectrum, police officers who have committed the crime know they will avoid facing consequences for deaths in custody, and by the same token the public have given up expecting justice.

This has been the state of affairs since time immemorial. But without justice there can be no peace. Those among our communities, whose dead family members have been denied justice, cannot or should not be expected to be peaceful or quiet. That is something only delusional liberals who operate inside a bubble think.

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